A quilt by featured quilter Bruce Seeds.

“Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin” Showcases Tradition, Innovation and Inspiration

Update! Watch Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin online here.

Quilting is more than just fabric and thread. It is a journey filled with thoughtfulness and emotion. Join host Nancy Zieman to meet the artists behind the quilts in the brand-new television special Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin, premiering 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Preview the special in this exclusive sneak peek:

Meet contemporary quilters who take traditional quilting to new levels, innovative quilters who use unconventional techniques, and inspirational quilters who explore the richness of life and its many lessons through fabric.

Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin introduces viewers to quilters and quilts from around Wisconsin, including work by Diane Gaudynski, Betty Ekern Suiter, Bruce Seeds, Natalie Sewell and more. Learn the source of their inspiration, tour their workspaces and marvel at the intricacies of their masterpieces. Plus, view dozens of quilts crafted by quilters from across the state.

Each quilter has unique reasons for quilting. Learn how all quilters are united by a passion for tradition, innovation and inspiration when Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin premieres on WPT.

13 thoughts on ““Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin” Showcases Tradition, Innovation and Inspiration”

  1. Will this program eventually be available online for those who love quilts but don’t live within the WPT viewing area?

    1. Hi Emily,

      We do not have specific details about a timeline for online viewing yet, but as soon as we do we will let you know! Thanks for your interest in the program!


  2. I’m wondering when/if this program can be viewed on line. I live in Portland Oregon and attended the Quilt Expo a couple of times in Madison.

    1. Hi Judy,

      Thanks so much for your interest and we’re glad you were able to join us at Quilt Expo! While we don’t currently have details about online viewing, we will let you know once we do!


  3. I am an expat cheesehead living in Illinois. I would so appreciate news of this series online. Thanking you in advance,

  4. I tried tuning in to Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin on Nov. 29 , at 7PM but this was not the programming for either channel 10 or 36. I went to my viewer guide and it wasn’t listed there but it is on your web page. So how do I find it? Did the fund drive, drive this program off the air?

    1. Hi Ann,

      If you’re in the Milwaukee Public Television viewing area, you won’t be able to view the program on air until March. From the latest information we have, MPTV will air the program in March. Once we have any further information about online viewing options, etc., we will be sure to post updates.

      Thanks for your interest in the program!

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