About Carol Griskavich

I'm the Community Education Specialist at Wisconsin Public Television, which means I use your input to create the community events that get your Wisconsin neighbors engaged. I stay out of trouble by doing improv comedy, cooking perfectly edible meals, and accepting compliments on my glasses that people continuously think are new. I actually got them a year ago, but thanks for noticing! Have a thought? Let me know:


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My Favorite Things: Carol Griskavich

Carol jpg headshot, croppedAs 2018 begins, we’re looking back on some of our favorite memories of the last year. From favorite programs to community events, this was a big year, with fun run-ins and meaningful moments.

Today’s memories come from Carol Griskavich, WPT’s community engagement coordinator – a brand-new position at the station this year. Read on to find out what she’ll remember the most from 2017!

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