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What We Watch: Kayleigh Steinback, Audience Services Manager

Kayleigh Steinback leads Audience Services at Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio. If viewers have questions, or if staff members request surveys about our programs, Kayleigh’s team is there – and at our many events, too! For the April issue of our member program guide, Airwaves, we caught up with Kayleigh to learn more about her top public television picks.

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Behind the Scenes: Pledge Drive Q&A

Members of the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison volunteer at Wisconsin Public Television’s December pledge drive in 2014.

A few times a year, we call on all of our members and viewers to reach out and support our station. Pledge drive is an integral part of who we are and what we do at Wisconsin Public Television. But pledges aren’t just made of bright sets, dynamic shows, and constantly-ringing phones on stage. In fact, there’s a flurry of activity going on behind our doors that never quite makes it to the screen.

A big part of each pledge is driven by the volunteers and audience services representatives who give their time, patience and shreds of remaining sanity to make sure that everything comes together. I recently sat down with two volunteers and one audience services employee to really understand why our volunteers and representatives show up every day.

Qiushi Zheng, a Chinese foreign exchange student at UW-Madison, is involved in the Society for Human Resource Management, and chose to spend some of his volunteer hours taking phone calls at WPT.

Why did you decide to volunteer at WPT?
I’ve done tons of volunteering in the past, but I didn’t have a long-term fixed position. I feel good about it here, because people actually talk to you. I like the communication. They tell you how they feel about the shows you have on air.

What’s something that stands out to you after volunteering?
People here are really warm-hearted. They care about their environment and public activities. Chinese people don’t really have that same emotion. I talked to a woman who said she really enjoys what you offer. Even though she doesn’t have a huge budget, she’s still going to donate, which is great. Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Pledge Drive Q&A