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The Great American Read: Kathleen Ernst shares her picks

The Great American Read is back, with weekly explorations each Tuesday night of why America’s best-loved books and characters make such lasting impressions in our lives.

Kathleen Ernst headshot, by Geri GerroldWe’ve enjoyed hearing about Wisconsin authors’ own picks, both on and off TGAR‘s list. Next in our series is Kathleen Ernst, a multitalented author who describes her work as “writing at the intersection of people, places and the past.”

If you enjoy history, mystery or any combination thereof, read on for some of Ernst’s inspiring picks!

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The Great American Read: Michael Perry shares his picks

It’s here! Tune in 7 p.m. tonight for the fall kickoff episode of The Great American ReadThere’s plenty of action to come, both on TV and in our continuing series of Wisconsin authors.

Author Michael Perry smiles and wears a plaid shirt.Today we present WPT/WPR favorite and The New York Times bestselling essayist Michael Perry, of New Auburn. The paperback of his latest book, Montaigne in Barn Boots, will be released by HarperPerennial in November while he is on tour with his band the Long Beds.

Read more to find out which books have encouraged Perry to question his assumptions about writing and life.

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The Great American Read: Jerry Apps shares his picks

We’re getting closer to the Fall Kick Off episode of The Great American Read: airing 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept.  11. Have you voted on the list yet? If you’re stuck – as we are! – why not check out some more picks by Wisconsin writers?

Today we bring you the prolific, the folksy, the one and only Jerry Apps. He’s a WPT favorite for good reason: adept at memoir writing, storytelling, history, teaching and more, he keeps readers busy turning out new and sometimes unexpected stories at a blistering pace.

A person stares into a frozen wave of water.His latest, Cold as Thunder, is a dystopian novel set in a frozen wasteland where only “a resourceful band of Wisconsin sixty-somethings calling themselves the Oldsters” have the knowledge to fight the ruling regime.

Read more to find out which books have helped this beloved author think about writing!

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The Great American Read: Baptiste and Miranda Paul share their picks

We continue to read, debate and vote on the books of The Great American Read, and several Wisconsin writers have shared their own picks with us. Today, we enjoy several firsts: our first team (in life and work), AND our first children’s authors!

Baptiste Paul, a dark-skinned man wearing a gray and maroon shirt, and Miranda Paul, a light-skinned woman with long blonde hair, sit together and smile.Currently residing in Green Bay, Baptiste and Miranda Paul are the globe-trekking, dynamic duo behind the new book Adventures to School: Real-Life Journeys of Students From Around the World. 

As for her inevitable “I can’t choose!” answer, Miranda writes,  “Asking a reader to pick a favorite book is like asking a sweet-tooth to pick a favorite dessert; these are the things that shape us and bring us joy. All the time, children ask me which of my own books is my favorite, an interrogation I’ve labeled ‘The Forbidden Question.’ I ultimately let them know the truth: my favorite book is always the one I haven’t written yet, because I intend to write forever.”

Keep reading to learn about this insightful pair and the deep emotions that drive them to create.

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The Great American Read: Author Lesley Kagen shares her picks

As we read, debate and vote on the books of The Great American Read, we’ve had the delightful opportunity to discuss the top picks of several Wisconsin writers.

Lesley Kagen

This week, we meet Lesley Kagen, a multitalented Milwaukee native who began her writing career after many years in several other fields. And we do mean several, as you’ll find out below.

As with Patrick Rothfuss – and, we suspect, many of you! – Kagen had a very hard time choosing one book over another.

“It’s very, very tough to pick just a few of these books, as so many have impacted my life,” she says. “But I gave it a shot!”

Keep reading to learn more about Kagen and her warm, curious stories.

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Exclusive Sneak Peek – Wisconsin Winter From the Air

Enjoy An Exclusive Preview From the Show!
Wisconsin Winter From the Air
Coming to Wisconsin Public Television
7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 30

This narration featuring the voice of Wisconsin author Michael Perry begins the first segment of the all-new Wisconsin Winter From the Air, coming in November from Wisconsin Public Television.

We all know it’s coming…
that first real snowfall.
The colors of autumn faded long ago,
and a new season begins.
Fresh white blankets the ground,
and the familiar path becomes a new trail.
Everything is changed.
Winter in Wisconsin doesn’t really feel ‘here’…until that first snow.
There are bound to be many chilly mornings ahead, and more snowfalls to come,
but there’s something about that first one,
something about a Wisconsin winter
that always seems…just a little magical.

As with 2014’s visually stunning Wisconsin From the Air, take to the sky once again to capture the wonder of winter, a season that transforms the state’s landscape.

Enjoy this sneak peek, mark your calendar for the premiere date and share this video with your friends. We’ll be sharing even more exclusive content from the show in the coming weeks!

Best-Selling Author Steven Johnson Talks About How We Got to Now

On his new series, How We Got to Now – premiering with its first two episodes tonight at 8 and 9 on WPT – best-selling author Steven Johnson explores the impact of innovation on our modern existence by following the fascinating – and often surprising – paths of scientific discovery that shaped who we are today.

I could try to explain how Johnson traveled around the world – and back in time! – to find out how even the seemingly most simple endeavors changed the entire path of history, but it is much better to go right to the source.

We had the chance to do just that in September when Johnson visited Madison to speak to the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce. He sat down with us for an exclusive interview at the Monona Terrace and talked about his new book and PBS series, both which reveal the story behind the remarkable ideas that made modern life possible. Watch the conversation now.

Online Exclusive: A Farm Winter With Jerry Apps

“Winter is a season that demands respect.
Insists on it. It is a season that refuses to be ignored.
Winter is a season that never leaves us.”
-Jerry Apps, A Farm Winter

Last year, Jerry Apps grasped the hearts, minds and memories of audiences across the state – and around the nation – with his touching stories of life growing up in Wild Rose in the popular Jerry Apps: A Farm Story.

Now, the Wisconsin author and historian turns his attention to winter in an all new program – A Farm Winter With Jerry Apps – as he shares his wit, wisdom and stories of family, neighbors and communities that worked together to prepare for the long, cold season that enveloped his boyhood farm home in Wild Rose. It was a season that could be harrowing and dangerous, but it was also a time of year that drew families close together and created warm memories that are both lasting and universal.

As a special online exclusive, you can watch the full new program streaming online now below! Enjoy the new program, let us know what you think in the comments and share it with your friends and family. Then, tune in 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 4 for the broadcast premiere on Wisconsin Public Television. Apps will join us in studio that evening to share even more stories from his life.

The new documentary is a companion to Apps’ new book from the Wisconsin Historical Press, The Quiet Season: Remembering Country Winters from the Wisconsin Historical Press. You can meet Apps at a special book talk 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21 at the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison. Find full details here.

Frontline, ESPN and "League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis"

Frontline-League-of-DenialThe producers of Frontline are used to reporting the news. But, their former partnership with ESPN on the documentary, “League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis” has been the focus of headlines across newspapers, TV and radio lately. You can read Frontline‘s statement on the issue here.

RELATED: NFL, Retired Players Settle Concussion Lawsuit

The New York Times reported on ESPN’s withdrawal from the partnership in this in-depth report, “N.F.L. Pressure Said to Lead ESPN to Quit Film Project.” That article’s author -and a  co-author of the book, “Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN” – James Andrew Miller joined the Dan Patrick Show Aug. 23, the day after the story broke to discuss the issue further. You can watch and listen to that segment in the interview below.

Despite all of the angles of this story, the most important piece of information is that you will be able to watch the full investigation on Wisconsin Public Television October 8. Watch the hard-hitting trailer, which includes part of the NFL concussion storyline around Wisconsin native and longtime Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster, below.

Then, watch a 2011 Here and Now report on the concerns over concussions in high school and college football right here in Wisconsin.