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The mind behind PBS Kids

I’ve got a unique opportunity for you today — a chance to meet the person behind PBS’ award-winning and well-loved children’s programming. Join Angela Santomero as she interviews Linda Simensky, the Vice President of of PBS Children’s Programming.

In her role, Simensky shapes the direction of PBS’ kids offerings by picking the programs and helping producers create quality entertaining and educational fare.

Classic Sesame Street Online

Were you raised with Sesame Street? If you were born sometime in the past 43 years, there’s a good chance that you were.

As the lauded children’s program advances through the years, it evolves with each new generation. This ensures that the curricular material always resonates with young learners. But, that also means that each generation has its own personal memory of a distinct era of Sesame Street characters and segments. Now, we can all relive our favorite memories for free on the Web.

Visit the SesameStreet.org Classic Clips page at this link to explore hundreds of favorite videos, including Monsterpiece Theatre, Star Wars‘ C3PO and R2D2’s visit, Forgetful Jones and many more.

Most of these clips are also available on the Sesame Street YouTube page. I’ve posted my favorite below. Share your favorite in the comments!