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Local cooks rise to the Create Cooking Challenge

Creative cooking shows – from unique international flavors to  comforting favorites – have long been a key part of the public TV experience. Recently, the Create Cooking Challenge 2018 gave viewers of the Create channel a chance to envision a show of their own.

Watch 2017 winner Buki Elegbede – a judge this year – create the perfect whoopie pie. (And check out his series, Baked by Buki!)

This year, several Wisconsin cooks rose to the challenge! Read on to see what they shared – and maybe get some tips of your own.

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Broadcasting 'Round the Clock

Beginning today, Monday Oct. 27, you can turn on the TV at any time and find quality programs on all three of Wisconsin Public Television’s channels.

WPT is now broadcasting 24/7

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, we’re happy to say Wisconsin Public Television is now available throughout the overnight hours.

Here’s what you can expect to see between 1 and 5 a.m. on WPT’s flagship channel. At 1, 2 and 3 a.m. we’ll encore your favorite prime time shows. So if you miss Nature on Wednesday, Masterpiece on Sunday or any other prime time program, you’ll get another chance to watch just after the midnight hour. At 4, University Place serves up educational lectures right before kids programs take over for the day.

Check the full schedule to browse the entire 24-hour lineup. And remember, many of your favorite shows are available on-demand at wpt.org and on the PBS App for Roku and Apple TV.

Three Convention Coverage Alternatives

1. The Wisconsin Channel
2. Create Channel
3. WPT Online Video Player

Providing the most robust, unbiased and comprehensive political coverage available on television is a place of pride for us at Wisconsin Public Television and for everyone within the PBS system. And, during the next two weeks, we are doing just that. As outlined in a recent post, PBS NewsHour, WisconsinVote.org and WPT’s Here and Now has the Republican and Democratic National Conventions fully covered.

But, sometimes we can all get a bit burned out on politics and need someplace else to turn our attention. Luckily, WPT has you covered!

These next two weeks are a great chance to check out WPT’s two additional digital TV stations. Available for free over-the-air across the state in the xx.2 and xx.3 positions (i.e. 21.2 and 21.3 in Madison, 38.2 and 38.3 in Green Bay, etc.) and on many cable operators, The Wisconsin Channel and Create are full-service alternatives for all of your favorite public television programs. Just as an example, tonight in prime time you’ll find American Masters: Garrison Keillor on The Wisconsin Channel and two hours of inspirational cooking fare from Cook’s Country, Lidia Bastianich and more on Create. You can find each night’s full lineup here on WPT’s schedule page. And, you can watch The Wisconsin Channel’s online stream, too.

And, if those schedules don’t fit your tastes, don’t forget to take some time to explore the deep WPT Online Video Player. There, you’ll find full episodes of all of your favorites, including recent performances and sneak peeks from Austin City Limits, a rich archive of Julia Child’s public TV programs, brand new episodes of Sewing With Nancy, a Web-only series profiling the best Paralympic athletes that begin competing in London this week and even an exclusive first-look at a scene from the highly anticipated third season of Downton Abbey (coming in January to WPT).

My favorite part of the Video Portal is its deep archive. Do yourself a favor and play around with the search option for awhile. You never know what you’ll find. Here’s one of my recently uncovered gems – a Sound Tracks live performance from the great Latin/Hip-Hop group Ozomatli. Three minutes of musical bliss without a speech or political pontification in sight!

Watch Ozomatli Performs on PBS. See more from Sound Tracks.