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Earth Day, Every Day – And All Through April on WPT

Wisconsin has a lot to celebrate as we think about Earth Day – now and all through the month of April. We’re the home of Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson and pioneering wildlife ecologist Aldo Leopold, as well as the members of Native nations who continue to care for the land they still inhabit.

Check out these suggestions for programs airing on WPT in the coming weeks – some of which are also available for viewing anytime online or on your digital device.

Read on for our top picks!

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Where'd That Come From

Often, we take everyday stuff for granted only to occasionally ponder a thing’s origin. If you’ve ever wondered how timber is harvested, I’ve got a 22 minute film that you should enjoy.

“Wood” from PBS Indies starts with a single tree in a forest, then goes on to illustrate how it is harvested, shipped and processed into the lumber we consume. The film offers a brief explorative journey that will hopefully enlighten your day.

There’s more video streaming at video.wpt.org. If you find something interesting while browsing the video archive, share it with me in the comments.