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Sesame Street + Star Wars = Hilarity – and Learning!

A long time ago in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away… Our friends at Sesame Street turn their knack for parody toward the epic sci-fi saga of Star Wars.

Kids will learn an important lesson in self-control, while the Star Wars nerds (read: me) will revel in the appearance of Snufflupagus as a wooly Bantha and the terrific in-joke of Grover (originally voiced by Frank Oz) as Yoda (also, a similarly voiced Oz character).

As Only One Cannoli says, “May the “Four” be with you!”

A Sesame Street Throwback Thursday

“Throwback Thursday” has become a thing on the Internet, so want to take part. Here’s one of the best ways we could think of to dive back in public television time.

Take a peek at this great photo from the very first cast of Sesame Street in 1969. Orange Oscar! Mister Hooper! Jim Henson and Frank Oz on the ground as Ernie and Bert! I love it! Want more? Watch the first season’s show open at the bottom of this post and sing along to the song that is still familiar after all these years.