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Q&A – Not Enough Apologies: Trauma Stories

A young Everett Mitchell and his sister play on swings.

After addressing issues of gun violence in the 2016 documentary Too Many Candles, Wisconsin Public Television’s Frederica Freyberg wanted to tackle another issue that seemed too big to address in the same program.

Not Enough Apologies: Trauma Stories premieres 8 p.m Monday, May 13. and is available to watch online now.

The one-hour film, produced by Freyberg, explores the lasting effects of traumatic experiences, such as abuse and neglect, on children and adults. It also shares new responses to advocating for, and assisting, trauma victims. Throughout the film, trauma survivors share their stories in their own words.

Read on for an in-depth Q&A with Freyberg on how this sobering yet valuable project came to life.

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2017 State of the State – Video and Transcript

On Tuesday, Jan. 10, Gov. Scott Walker delivered the 2017 State of the State Address to the Wisconsin legislature at the state capitol in Madison. Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling gave the Democratic response.

Wisconsin Public Television’s Frederica Freyberg and Wisconsin Public Radio’s Shawn Johnson covered the event live. Here is archived video and a full transcript of the 2017 State of the State Address.

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Stay Classy, North Dakota: Ron Burgundy is Here

If your Thanksgiving holiday travel took you to North Dakota – specifically the Bismarck or Minot area – then you likely found a surprising treat when you tuned into the local CBS affiliate’s Saturday evening newscast. There was legendary newsman Ron Burgundy sitting at the anchor desk, ready to read all the local news – including exciting reports on Black Friday shopping and downtown holiday decorations – with the usual cast of anchors, sports reporters and meteorologists. If your travel plans didn’t include the northern plains, our colleagues at PBS NewsHour have the full 30-minute newscast streaming for you to watch on their Rundown Blog.

Sure, Will Ferrell’s unannounced appearance at the KXNews desk is an obvious marketing maneuver for his new film, Anchorman 2, which will be released at Christmas. But, with no explanation and a full half-hour of Ferrell playing Burgundy straight in his role as a seasoned anchor, this might just be my favorite viral ploy yet.

It’s also not the first time that Ferrell has taken to local media to drum up excitement. Just a couple years ago he agreed to make a series of TV advertisements for Old Milwaukee, with one caveat – the ads could only run in the local TV markets where he filmed them. The result was a collection of hilariously eclectic ads that started appearing on YouTube from viewers who were caught off guard by the SNL actor in their city – like this spot with Ferrell bicycling and singing the beer’s jingle in the streets of Milwaukee.

So, with Ferrell, err Ron Burgundy, on the loose and making unexpected visits to American newsrooms, perhaps Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff better watch their spot on the NewsHour anchor desk with this hot talent on the market. Maybe WPT should make a pitch to ask Ferrell to join Frederica Freyberg for Friday night’s Here and Now. We’ll head up to the studio right now and make room for him on the set!

Watch WPT and WPR Drought special online on-demand

As much of Wisconsin faces some of the most severe drought conditions in several decades, residents are coping with harsh conditions that are affecting human health, homes, farms, and other businesses.

WPT premiered a special one-hour program with resources, expert advice and information about dealing with the dry conditions. Wisconsin Drought 2012 on Friday, July 20. It will repeat at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, July 22. The special will air on WPR’s Ideas Network at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 21. Click here to visit WPR’s drought resource page.

Watch the special online, on-demand below:

Here and Now anchor Frederica Freyberg and WPR’s Joy Cardin cohosted the special report and talked to experts from across the state who assessed the current conditions, offered historical insight, and provided tips and resources for farmers dealing with stunted crops and dehydrated livestock; homeowners facing dry conditions in lawns, trees and gardens; and municipalities coping with an increased fire risk, strain on electrical infrastructures and increased stress on municipal water supplies.

Guest experts include, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Sec. Ben Brancel, Department of Natural Resources Emergency Management Administrator David Woodbury, University of Wisconsin Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Chair John Martin and WPR Superior Bureau reporter Mike Simonson — who will talk about the recent flooding in that part of the state. Two UW-Extension experts – Lisa Johnson, horticulture educator, and Doug Soldat, Turfgrass and Urban Soil Specialist – will join Freyberg to discuss the ways drought is affecting urban landscapes and tips for protecting lawns, gardens, trees and landscapes. Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker will join the show to talk about the human toll the drought’s corresponding heat wave has had in the city.


Drought-related coverage from Here and Now

Wisconsin specialty crop expert Anna Maenner breaks down what the unusual weather conditions in Wisconsin may mean for Wisconsin farmers.

Watch Specialty crop expert analyzes the consequences of unusual s on PBS. See more from Here and Now

Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture Ban Brancel on the exceedingly dry farming conditions in certain regions of Wisconsin and what the state is doing to help struggling farmers.

Watch Sec. of Agriculture Brancel talks about hot, dry conditions on PBS. See more from Here and Now.

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