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Get growing with WPT!

The snow is melting after a snowy Wisconsin winter, and we know you’ve been itching to dig!

For years, Wisconsin Public Television has captured lectures from our Garden & Landscape Expo to enjoy throughout the year on University Place. Just in time for spring, we’re sharing some of our favorites that we hope will take your garden – big or small – to new heights.

Best of all, you can stream these episodes on your digital or mobile devices wherever and whenever you like: in the living room, at the kitchen table, from your porch or even in the garden itself!

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Green thumbs go LIVE this Saturday from Garden & Landscape Expo 2019

The Hostas, Hydrangeas and Hyacinths are in hair and make-up standing by to go LIVE from the floor of the Garden &  Landscape Expo 2019this Saturday, Feb. 9 right here on wpt.org! We’re extending a slice of our midwinter oasis to your laptops, tablets and smartphones as we livestream five of our expert-led and plant-packed seminars and demonstrations from the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. 

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What We Watch: Garden expert Melinda Myers

It might feel like the doldrums of winter, but spring is just around the corner. Wisconsin Public Television’s Garden & Landscape Expo is ready to inspire you.

Join us Friday through Sunday, Feb. 8-10, at the Exhibition Hall of the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.

Out of the many experts, vendors and garden lovers you’ll meet at the Expo, Melinda Myers is a longtime favorite – and, naturally, a lover of PBS programs. She sat down to share some of her favorites with us.

Read on to learn what inspires her – and how she uses it!


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Going Green

Watch Growing a Greener World at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 16 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Joe Lamp'lI can’t wait for the day when I own my own home and can do whatever I want with the yard. Kind of hard to start up any sort of a garden when you live on a rental property with essentially no yard. Could always set up lights and tables in the basement like my great grandpa used to do, but even that requires space and a decent investment.

Guess I’ll just spend the next few years planning it out and then on that first glorious summer of home ownership, I can start digging and planting. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long or I can finally find an apartment that actually gets some sun. Until then, I welcome any suggestions on fruits and vegetables that you have found to survive Wisconsin’s unpredictable weather.

Plants for Clay and A Garden That Rocks

Watch an all-new episode of The Wisconsin Gardener, “Plants for Clay and A Garden That Rocks,” at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 12 on Wisconsin Public Television.

It’s that time of year when the temperatures begin to rise along with the bright sun and the grass, trees and shrubbery begin to turn green. It always makes me want to dig my hands in the soil and plant some vegetables. Others spend time landscaping or planting flowers and other beautiful plants. Regardless of the talents of your green thumb, there is always something fun to learn from The Wisconsin Gardener. And, this month, you can find the program at 7 p.m. each Thursday!

On this new program, Producer, Host and Master Gardener Shelley Ryan and her guests explore prairie plants that thrive in clay soil. Other program segments examine the potential dangers of free municipal mulch, organic techniques for home gardeners and a rock quarry garden.

On the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus, Ryan visits with Neil Diboll of Prairie Nursery to learn about a group of prairie plants that thrive in that region’s clay soil. In Delafield, Erin Silva of NuGenesis Farm introduces the latest organic gardening techniques, including the prevention of fungal disease. Ryan also visits with Karen and Carl Vanden Heuvel in Seymour to see the enormous garden they have created in their own homemade rock quarry.

Don’t forget to visit the all-new website from The Wisconsin Gardener to find tips, tricks, program video and a rich recipe archive!

A new season and a new site

Watch the premiere of the new season of The Wisconsin Gardener at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, March 6 on Wisconsin Public Television.

We’ve had a few days where the temperatures have climbed out of the reaches of freezing and with them have come thoughts of the spring to come. That means it is also time to start thinking about our gardens. Join host, producer and Master Gardener Shelley Ryan for the premiere of the new season of The Wisconsin Gardener this weekend. In “Misteaks We Have Maid,” Shelley takes a lighthearted look at gardening mistakes we have all made.

And, take a few moments to venture over to the show’s brand new website. There, you will find recipes, archived video segments on dozens of gardening topics, tips and downloadable video podcasts.