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PHOX and More Bands You Should Know

In January 2013, 30 Minute Music Hour host/producer Andy Moore announced that PHOX, an emerging musical group with roots in Baraboo, would perform for our little half-hour music program. His memo to WPT staff read, “Our show has also featured acts that will soon “break out” to national and international audiences. PHOX, a vocal-centric pop band from Madison, is surely one.”

Image of PHOXPHOX’s “break out” is happening now! NPR’s popular “First Listen” series is currently featuring the band’s debut self-titled album. By debuting their album on “First Listen,” PHOX joins the company of Willie Nelson, Bon Iver, Mavis Staples, David Byrne and plenty more established artists who have launched albums via NPR.

Listen to the debut album from PHOX on NPR First Listen

See more emerging artists on 30 Minute Music Hour. The online archive has nearly 100 performances including Mama Digdown’s Brass Band, Klassik with Fresh Cut Collective, Kyle Henderson and more bands featured on the new season, which airs Saturday nights at 10:30 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Talk About Death

A few months back, a story on NPR caught my attention with its chilling headline, “The Town Where Everyone Talks About Death.” It turned out the town was La Crosse and the focus of the story was on a medical ethicist at Gunderson Health System who has trained the staff to talk about death, and life, with their patients. The goal was to get patients to fill out advance directives that detail their end-of-life plans and reduce stress in serious times.

Consider the Conversation 2
Consider the Conversation 2 airs May 27 and June 24

The program got results. In La Crosse, 96 percent of the adult population has filled out an advance directive that states whether treatments to extend their life should be made. Throughout the rest of the nation, only 30 percent of adults have documented their wishes. Furthermore, La Crosse spends less on health care for patients at the end of life than any other place in the country.

The story on NPR has led me to have more conversations about my own end-of-life plans. Though I have not committed these plans to paper, a new program Honoring Choices Wisconsin is committed to improving advance care planning in medical facilities throughout the state. So, it’s likely only a matter of time before my doctor asks me about my end-of-life plans. The program is based on the program in La Crosse, and was partly inspired by the documentary Consider the Conversation, which looks at the issues most people will face at the end of their life.

The follow-up to that film – Consider the Conversation 2 – airs tonight. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, filmmaker Terry Kaldhusdal said,  “The first one is (that) you need to have the conversation, this one is what that sounds like, what that looks like, what that feels like.”

Join the 96 percent of adults in La Crosse who know what the conversation is like by watching Consider the Conversation 2 tonight, Tuesday, May 27 (encore June 24) on Wisconsin Public Television. To learn more about Consider the Conversation 2 and Honoring Choices Wisconsin, read the full story at jsonline.com.

Explore More From WPT at Wisconsin Science Festival

Watch all of the Wisconsin Science Festival live streams in this video window starting Thursday evening. Find full details and schedule below!

This weekend, the Wisconsin Science Festival will fill venues across Wisconsin with fun-filled learning events for everyone to enjoy. Join Wisconsin Public Television – one of the event’s partners – to engage your mind and explore new ideas in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

The event, which runs from this Thursday-Sunday, has dozens of events around the state, with many located at UW-Madison. Be part of WPT’s panel of innovators in education at noon Saturday in the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. Join experts from Sesame Workshop, NOVA, the UW-Madison School of Education and The Waisman Center to learn how young minds can learn science in new ways.

Our colleagues at WPR will be on hand throughout the week, too, with a special presentation by Science Friday host Ira Flatow at 7 p.m. Thursday night and a live on-location broadcast of the radio program Friday afternoon at 1. And, WPR’s 9XM Players present a live radio drama, “Forbidden Planet Decoded,” Saturday night at 8.

Those are just a few of the great presentations across Madison and around the state. Explore the full lineup at wisconsinsciencefest.org.

If you can’t make it to the event in person, WPT’s University Place will be live streaming the following presentations so that people across Wisconsin and around the world can take part in the learning fun. Check back here starting Thursday to watch the following lineup of presentations live on the Web.

University Place Wisconsin Science Festival Live Streaming schedule

Thursday, Sept. 26
7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Science is Sexy (lecture)
Ira Flatow, Host of Science Friday, National Public Radio

Friday, Sept. 27
7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Chemistry Imagined: Connecting Art and Science (lecture)
Roald Hoffman, Author, Nobel Prize Winner and Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Chemistry, Cornell University
Vivian Torrence, Visual Artist

Saturday, Sept. 28
12:00 – 1:30 p.m. The Preschool Genius: Teaching Math & Science to Early Learners (panel)
Rosemarie Truglio, senior vice president of education and research at Sesame Workshop
Rachel Connolly, education director at NOVA
Anita Wager, assistant professor at the UW–Madison School of Education
Ed Hubbard, assistant professor at the UW–Madison School of Education and the Waisman Center
Michael Harryman, WPT (moderator)

2:30 – 4:00 p.m. The Poisoner’s Guide to Life (lecture)
Deborah Blum, Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, UW-Madison

8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Old Time Radio Drama: Forbidden Planet Decoded (live performance)
Norman Gilliland, WPR
9XM Players