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Watch New Episodes of Wisconsin Foodie Online Now!

The new season of the Emmy® Award-winning program Wisconsin Foodie premieres 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 13 on Wisconsin Public Television, but you don’t have to wait till then to watch the newest episodes; you can stream the new season online, anytime
on wpt.org

From Kickapoo Coffee Roasters and Central Waters Brewing Co. to Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese and Norske Nook, the new season of Wisconsin Foodie follows host Kyle Cherek on new culinary adventures as he meets the people behind local delicacies.

Watch the premiere episode, “B&E’s Trees/Wisco Pop/Kickapoo” below! (And watch all episodes here.)

Each episode of Wisconsin Foodie dives into Wisconsin’s unique culinary world by profiling local food treasures and highlighting the passionate and hardworking individuals responsible for the burgeoning “Good Food Movement.” Wisconsin Foodie blends food, cooking and travel while showcasing local businesses, restaurants, purveyors and farmers – telling their stories and helping to promote a local, sustainable economy.

Streaming Favorites for January


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.21.04 PMWe’ve officially made it to a new year, and with it comes fantastic new content on WPT’s video portal. Discover new streaming favorites with us, whether you’re a fan of cooking or the cosmos. Some of my favorite finds this month are:

These quick videos are musical, inspiring and focused on farm-to-table recipes. Host Patricia Wong shares delicious meals with fresh ingredients that will get you trying something new in less than five minutes.

Pulling its name from a cinema term that means “point of view,” POV is television’s longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction films. It’s hard not to get drawn into these provocative, compelling documentaries. Check out Girl Model or StoryCorps Shorts: The Saint of Dry Creek for a personal window into contemporary social issues.

Don’t let this tongue twister of a name turn you off: these short, beautiful and interesting videos share so much interesting info in just a few minutes. If you are trying to figure out the difference between fair trade and direct trade, or if you’d like to learn more about how American farms get their water, dive into this video series aimed at educating about sustainability.

What is weird metallic hydrogen? How does Saturn have a solid core? Would a gas giant planet really float in a giant bathtub? Find out by watching these quick, beautifully animated and SUPER interesting videos about our universe.

The Downton Dish: Episode 2

Who knew that a mid-season pig show could stir up so much trouble! Edith had her hands full in episode 2 of Downton Abbey: The Final Season, and the battle royale over the management of the hospital started to get pretty intense. So much drama, so little time!

Watch the complete series of “The Downton Dish” here.

Notes on Episode 2 of the final season from guest contributor and avid viewer, Analiese Smith:

Marigold. My first thought is that Mary is so cold! How is she so oblivious to the whole Marigold situation? And Anna says she’s the kindest person – just such different views! Also, the whole Anna situation totally sucks. I wonder If Mary is going to try to pawn Marigold off on them. Seriously – the writers need to throw these two a bone. I also wonder if the Drewes will move. If they do, will Daisy’s father-in-law take the open space? It would be a nice solution to a few different problems. Two birds, one stone?

Changing times. The discussion about “systems” is interesting; they really seem to be focusing on how much the system is changing. Daisy hates the system, and Thomas Barrow is struggling to find a new job in a world that doesn’t seem to need assistant butlers anymore. The Carsons’ wedding planning might be another example of this: Mrs. Hughes wants to make her own way and celebrate independently.

Hospital drama. All of the medical stories are very telling about progress as well. The whole “do we retain control of our hospital” debate has Isobel focused on progress, while the Dowager is focusing on history. Poor Robert is stuck in the middle, not wanting to choose sides. It made me think of earlier seasons: Robert trying to let go of traditions for the first four seasons was a very big theme, but then the topic was dropped for a bit because he seemed to have resigned himself to the fact that times were changing, especially with his decision to accept his son-in-law, Tom. It’s interesting that they are reviving that struggle in the last season when it seemed resolved, but perhaps that is a statement that they are trying to make: Change is never easy to accept.

What did you think about the episode? Who are you annoyed with? What should we expect from the next episode? 

Would you like to be a guest contributor or share your opinions on the latest episode? email us at bemoretunedin@wpt.org – we’d love to hear from you!

Meet the Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue

One of the best part of WPT’s online video portal is that it gives all of us access not only to the great shows produced here in Wisconsin and our favorite PBS programs – it also gives us a nearly unlimited opportunity to sample the great programs being created by public TV stations across the United States.

Want a fine – and timely – example? If you’re still caught up in Mad Men fever after last night’s series finale, we’ve got a great way for you to explore the world of The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue in this great documentary from our friends at Thirteen – WNET in New York City. Watch it online below or on the PBS Channel of your Roku or other Internet TV device.

Online Videos to Get You Through the Blizzard

My original angle for this post was to pick some online video gems to watch during your free time this holiday season. But, it seems much of southern Wisconsin is going to have lots of free time waiting for Blizzard Draco to pass, so here are a few picks from the WPT Video player to get you through the blizzard (and the holidays).

Here and Now “Sand Mining Industry Booming in Western Wisconsin”
The hydraulic fracturing (fracking) business of extracting natural gas from shale hasn’t directly impacted Wisconsin like it has eastern states like Pennsylvania. For now we’re still the beer and cheese state. But could we add sand to that list? Indirectly, Wisconsin has been a big player in the fracking industry because our state is a hotbed for frac sand. What’s frac sand? UW-Extension explains in this map and info sheet. In short, it’s sand that is suspended in a concoction of chemicals that’s pumped into the ground to extract natural gas. Here and Now’s Frederica Freyberg filed an insightful report that weighs the benefits and costs of Wisconsin’s sand mining industry. It’s a slim 8 minutes long (an eternity online, I know), but that’s 8 minutes longer you can put off shoveling the driveway.

Under the Ice
Earlier this week we posted the January broadcast schedule, and as I browsed the new programs this title caught my eye. I half expected to find a nature show filled with ambient music and underwater dreamscapes. But despite it’s title, this film is all about the fishermen – above the ice – on Lake Winnebago as they try to catch a glimpse at what lurks under the ice. And in this film, the what is sturgeon.

Under-the-Ice-Movie-Wisconsin-Public-TelevisionThese aren’t no bluegills…they’re huge fish that require a 4’x6′ hole and a giant spear that would be fit for Disney’s King Triton. But what sounds like a real action-adventure sport actually entails a whole lot of waiting. One fishermen in the film has been fishing for 12 years and just saw (not caught) his first sturgeon last year. Nevertheless, the film offers an entertaining look at what goes on in the ice shanty while waiting to spear a fish. In addition to the people on the ice, you’ll meet the folks who go out to dine on the prehistoric fish and also meet advocates for sturgeon preservation.

This film by Michael Sternoff and Beth Bennett won a few awards when it hit the film festival circuit in 2010. Now it’s coming to Wisconsin Public Television, airing various times on The Wisconsin Channel in January. But why wait, you can watch Under the Ice online now.

Speaking of King Triton, if you’re looking for a steady stream of animation to entertain the kids who are home from school, check out the video player at PBSKids.org. The video player has great PBS KIDS videos featuring the Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Daniel Tiger and all of your child’s favorite PBS KIDS friends. Click on the snowflake icon for several games and activities that will entertain and educate all day long.

The Classics
Of course there are plenty of other classic PBS programs just waiting to be watched. If you simply can’t keep up with all the episodes from Frontline, Antiques Roadshow and POV, the online video player is a great way to catch up. On my Watch List are Nature “Christmas in Yellowstone” (for the second time this season), NOVA “Mystery of Easter Island,” and Great Performances “Magical Mystery Tour Revisited.”. What will you watch as the snow flies this season?

Watch It Online

Every now and then I like to share some great storytelling that might have slipped under the mainstream radar. Wisconsin Public Television is a variety service that meets the needs of many, so it’s reasonable that, depending on your interests, you might think that not everything gets its fair amount of airtime. Luckily we have the Internet. With its smorgasbord of viewing options, the WPT Video Player allows you to watch what’s interesting to you when you want.

In this post, I’ll let you in on some video that didn’t make it to prime time broadcast but, in my opinion, is still worth a view on your computer or tablet.

I’ll begin with POV “Nostalgia for the Light” which premiered this week on some public television stations but was unfortunately squeezed from the WPT broadcast schedule. Don’t be surprised if it appears sometime later. The film is an artful documentary in which a Chilean astronomy enthusiast guides viewers through a sociopolitical history of his country.

“Chile’s remote Atacama Desert, 10,000 feet above sea level, provides stunningly clear views of the heavens. But it also holds secrets from the past in its arid soil: human remains, from pre-Columbian mummies to the bones of political prisoners “disappeared” during the Pinochet dictatorship”

Watch POV “Nostalgia for the Light” online now, or if you’re using the new mobile video player on your phone or tablet, add it to your queue and watch before the video expires in January.

Next Up: A “quick hit” from Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders. This musical adventure series roams America and the world in search of compelling music, telling the stories behind the music and the artists who create it. Here I feature just one performance in the film by Icelandic folk/pop band Of Monsters and Men.

If you like what you hear, check out the entire episode online or watch it in late hour of midnight, Friday, Nov. 2 on WPT.


Three Convention Coverage Alternatives

1. The Wisconsin Channel
2. Create Channel
3. WPT Online Video Player

Providing the most robust, unbiased and comprehensive political coverage available on television is a place of pride for us at Wisconsin Public Television and for everyone within the PBS system. And, during the next two weeks, we are doing just that. As outlined in a recent post, PBS NewsHour, WisconsinVote.org and WPT’s Here and Now has the Republican and Democratic National Conventions fully covered.

But, sometimes we can all get a bit burned out on politics and need someplace else to turn our attention. Luckily, WPT has you covered!

These next two weeks are a great chance to check out WPT’s two additional digital TV stations. Available for free over-the-air across the state in the xx.2 and xx.3 positions (i.e. 21.2 and 21.3 in Madison, 38.2 and 38.3 in Green Bay, etc.) and on many cable operators, The Wisconsin Channel and Create are full-service alternatives for all of your favorite public television programs. Just as an example, tonight in prime time you’ll find American Masters: Garrison Keillor on The Wisconsin Channel and two hours of inspirational cooking fare from Cook’s Country, Lidia Bastianich and more on Create. You can find each night’s full lineup here on WPT’s schedule page. And, you can watch The Wisconsin Channel’s online stream, too.

And, if those schedules don’t fit your tastes, don’t forget to take some time to explore the deep WPT Online Video Player. There, you’ll find full episodes of all of your favorites, including recent performances and sneak peeks from Austin City Limits, a rich archive of Julia Child’s public TV programs, brand new episodes of Sewing With Nancy, a Web-only series profiling the best Paralympic athletes that begin competing in London this week and even an exclusive first-look at a scene from the highly anticipated third season of Downton Abbey (coming in January to WPT).

My favorite part of the Video Portal is its deep archive. Do yourself a favor and play around with the search option for awhile. You never know what you’ll find. Here’s one of my recently uncovered gems – a Sound Tracks live performance from the great Latin/Hip-Hop group Ozomatli. Three minutes of musical bliss without a speech or political pontification in sight!

Watch Ozomatli Performs on PBS. See more from Sound Tracks.

Watch it Online

Part of my job at Wisconsin Public Television is to find video clips and full episodes of programs to post to the WPT schedule. Right now, I’m working on the June and July schedules, and while I was watching some trailers for POV (a new season begins in June) I was reminded that not only does the WPT Video Player let me watch content that’s produced by PBS and WPT, but it also gives me access to a lot of video from other stations like our friends at KLRU in Austin, Texas. Admittedly, it’s not easy or convenient to find other station video…but browsing through the thousands of videos certainly opens some doors. For instance, while I specifically went to the video player to find a preview of POV “The City Dark,” one of the related videos happened to be an interesting report on a group in Texas called Forklift Danceworks. The group put on a …well let’s call it a ballet of sorts,  in which dancing sanitation vehicles took the place of the ballerinas. Seeing it left me confident that the lovely people of Austin continue to keep the city weird.

Watch The Trash Project on PBS. See more from KLRU Collective.

And there’s plenty more great videos from PBS, WPT and other stations around the country. Just dive right in to the WPT Video Player to find previews, behind-the-scenes interviews and full episodes of programs you may have missed. (Might I recommend Johnny Carson: King of Late Night) If you find something worth sharing, post it to the comments below.

I’ll leave you with something I think is worth sharing — the trailer for POV “The City Dark.” This beautiful film from “King Corn” director Ian Cheney explores our relationship to the stars and how electric light gets in the way. And it features insight from Neil deGrsse Tyson. Check it out now.

Watch The City Dark – Trailer on PBS. See more from POV.