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Preview the “Call the Midwife” Season 6 Premiere!

We’re just three days away from the season premiere of the critically-acclaimed season 6 of Call the Midwife,  airing 7 p.m. this Sunday, April 2 on Wisconsin Public Television. But you don’t have to wait till the premiere to be reunited with your favorite characters; you can enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of the series now!

Watch the first 10 minutes of Episode 1 now:

In season 6, Nonnatus house faces the changes of 1962. As they strive to help mothers and families cope with the demands of childbearing, disability, disease and social prejudice, the Poplar medics must make choices – and fight battles – of their own.

What are you most looking forward to in the new season? Share your predictions below!

Preview: Wisconsin Film Festival 2017

The Wisconsin Film Festival is the state’s premier cinema event, featuring local filmmakers anmovies shot in the state, as well as a diverse range of national and international films. Celebrating its 18th year in 2017, it takes place in Madison from March 30 to April 6.

In this year’s Director’s Cut special episode Wisconsin Film Festival 2017, host Pete Schwaba sits down with the Jim Healy, the festival’s director of programming, to preview this year’s selection of films from a variety of categories. From American visionaries to films by new female directors and even pre-teen filmmakers, Healy’s selections on the program particularly showcase movies made right here in Wisconsin.

“We program thinking about the audience,” Healy says. “We’ve picked the best films from festivals around the world, and films that have been submitted to us in our Wisconsin zone section, to make a festival of festivals.”

With a look at five films screening at the festival, Schwaba and Healy are joined by:

Director Andrew SwantSilently Steal Away: The film explores the story behind the Jack Raymond Show, which has aired on an eccentric Chippewa Falls radio station. But who is Jack Raymond?

Director Mark Davis and subject Jan JensenThe Bear and the Owl: This short documentary film explores the story of an ailing young girl and the kindness of a stranger.

Director, producer and screenwriter Katherine AcostaDivided We Fall: This documentary looks back at the massive 2011 protests inside the Wisconsin State Capitol against Act 10. The investigation revisits many issues that remain relevant in a post-2016 election America.

Co-directors Wesley Morgan & Kate FeldtFake Jewels: This nostalgic and comedic movie explores a long-lost friendship as two women attempt to find a time capsule buried a decade ago.

Editor Luke Bassuener and fifth graders Jaeana Sabally and Jalen Baumback (directors, cast, writers)Daedalus and Icarus: Students in the 4th grade classes of Madison’s Crestwood Elementary School animate the classic Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus, using block-print and paper-cuts. This film has been awarded one of only three 2017 Golden Badger Awards as a top Wisconsin’s Own honoreee.

Director’s Cut airs Monday, March 27 at 8 p.m. on Wisconsin Public Television.

Wisconsin Public Television is a proud sponsor of Wisconsin’s Own, hosting a brunch each year for the festival’s film industry guests. This year, more than 150 people submitted films to be considered for Wisconsin’s Own.

Wisconsin Winter From the Air – Exclusive First Look

Come Soar With Us Again!
Wisconsin Winter From the Air
Coming to Wisconsin Public Television
at the end of November 2016

In Wisconsin From the Air, we took flight above the state we call home. Now, Wisconsin Winter From the Air – an all-new, visually stunning program – takes us into the sky again as we capture the wonder of a winter season that transforms the state’s landscape. This time, we’ll fly over some of Wisconsin’s most beloved landmarks and travel inside some of the active pastimes that bring us out into the cold to explore.

Loft above running rivers and frozen fields, soar over lighthouses and cityscapes, ski down snow-covered hills and across wandering trails and snowmobile along icy lakes.

As we anxiously await this exciting new show, we want you to be the first people to take a look inside the program

Today, we are sharing an exclusive first look and in coming weeks we will send you new segments from the program. We hope you will mark your calendar for the premiere date and share this video with your friends!

Funding for Wisconsin Winter From the Air provided by Ron and Colleen Weyers, Wisconsin Department of Tourism, Morgan’s Shoes, John E. Kuenzl Foundation, Stanley J. Cottrill Fund, Francis A. and Georgia F. Ariens Fund within the Brillion Area Family of Funds, Holiday Vacations, and Friends of Wisconsin Public Television.

We’ll Have What Phil’s Having – An Interview With Phil Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal is best known as the creator and writer of Everybody Loves Raymond. But, you’ll soon get to know him as a man whose world has been opened up through food. And, you’ll be inspired as you travel along with Phil around the world to uncover the culinary traditions that both make our cultures unique and tie us close together in his new public television series, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, premiering  Sept. 28 on Wisconsin Public Television.

In advance of the series, we caught up with him to ask him about the new show. We featured a few of his comments in the September issue of Airwaves, WPT’s member magazine, that is hitting mailboxes soon.

Read the full conversation below, and then watch an exclusive preview of the new series!

You grew up in Queens, N.Y., just outside of what a lot of us would consider a dining mecca of New York City. What were your early culinary experiences?
If you don’t have a lot of money, you eat at home like everybody else. It’s luck of the draw if you’re mom or dad are a good cook or not. Neither of them were very good in my taste. There were flavors I never experienced growing up until I left home – like, I never had garlic. I didn’t know what that was. When I finally did, it was like this magical thing.

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having started with a different name, didn’t it?
When I told my brother that I was actually getting to do a show like this, he said, “That’s very interesting. What are you going to call the show, “Phil’s a Lucky Bastard?” I loved that, because I actually feel that way. But, this is PBS, so we couldn’t actually call it that.

How does this show reflect your full circle experience of coming from Queens to now experiencing the entire world through food?
All I’m trying to do is get people off the couch, to come along and travel. To me there is nothing more mind-expanding that people can do in life than travel, and for me food and laughs are the way in. It’s how we connect with each other.

As someone who has made a living as a comedy writer, you’re now starring in a food show. Was that a scary proposition?
Not at all. It’s actually an extension of who I am, an extension of what I’ve always done. As a writer – writing Everybody Loves Raymond – I was trying to connect with the audience. Now, it is the same kind of connection in a different way. The sense of humor is the same, the personality is the same. Just as if you look at Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, that show is an extension of what we know of him as a writer from Seinfeld. This show is an extension of me, from the guy you know from behind Raymond.

I loved every moment of everything you see, because everything – and every place – was new. There’s a wonderful expression from Albert Einstein – You can live life as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle. That’s such a wonderful philosophy of life.

Are your famous friends completely jealous of your impending PBS stardom?
Every single person I speak to, the number one comment I get, from famous or not famous, is “Do you need someone to carry your bags?” I admit, this is a scam I have pulled. Don’t tell PBS, but I’d have paid them to do it. Hopefully we will entertain people and motivate them to think about travelling. And that can be to a new place overseas or right in your own town.

We’d welcome you to join us in Wisconsin for a lutefisk dinner in a future episode.
(After learning what lutefisk is) You make it sound so appetizing. There might be one or two other places on our list before I get to that. (Laughing.)

Before you make a choice, watch "The Choice"

Watch Frontline: The Choice at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Have you seen any political advertisements lately? Living in a swing state during a presidential election year is certainly a test for folks who don’t like the posturing and back and forth of the political cycle. For folks who can’t get enough of it, there is nowhere better to be than Wisconsin right now. Regardless of where you land on that spectrum, we can all agree that in informed electorate is the best electorate. That’s where Frontline‘s “The Choice” can help us all.

As they have done for many past elections, the political journalists at Frontline present a two-hour documentary that dives below the advertising rhetoric to uncover the issues, essential moments and experiences that have worked together to influence and shape President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. It is an unflinching, unbiased look into the election and should be required viewing for everyone stepping into a voting booth. Voters on both sides of the political aisle will probably find surprises about the candidates they support and oppose. And undecided voters will find an in-depth look into the race. Tune in tomorrow before you make “The Choice.”

Watch a preview now:

Watch “The Choice 2012” Trailer on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society presents chamber music with a bang

Watch the premiere of Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society on Wisconsin Public Television at 9 p.m. Monday, July 23.

As part of the Summer of the Arts, WPT wraps up a month of great concert performances from Wisconsin musicians with the innovative chamber music sounds of Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society – recorded live at the Stoughton Opera House.

Tune in and enjoy the unique approach to classical sounds as the group celebrates their 21st anniversary of performing for audiences in Wisconsin. Since 1992, flutist Stephanie Jutt and pianist Jeffrey Sykes have been inviting other world-class musicians to join them in a three-week summer festival that puts the element of “play” back into chamber music, showing that chamber music concerts, often serious to the point of stuffiness, can be both serious and fun at the same time.

Watch a preview of the show and a history segment that outlines the community project that revitalized the great opera house in Stoughton. Then, tune in Monday for the broadcast premiere of Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society on WPT.

Watch the Future of Racing on Public Television

Watch POV: Racing Dreams at 8 p.m. Friday on Wisconsin Public Television.

I don’t know why, but I am still always amazed when I get fully pulled into a documentary film. I can’t figure out why I am surprised, since it happens so often. But, the next POV caught me off guard again.

As a big racing fan, I thought I had seen every angle of the sport covered on TV, in film (What racing fan doesn’t love Kenny Rogers’ Six Pack?) and online. Then I watched Racing Dreams.

The film follows three teens who are regular schoolkids during the week and big-time racers on the national go-kart series by night. We get to jump into the cockpit with these kids that zip around the track inches off the ground at more than 60 mph and watch how they balance their high-speed hobby with the triumphs and trials of middle school.

It’s a fascinating story that both I and my non-racing fan friends watched with rapt attention. Hey, the Tribeca Film Festival judges agreed and gave it the award for best documentary.

So, tune in to the film, rev your engines and get to know the next superstars of NASCAR while they can’t yet legally drive a car! Watch the trailer below.

Exclusive First Look at Sherlock Season 2

The second season of Sherlock is coming soon! The much-awaited return of Holmes and Watson will air on Masterpiece in May on Wisconsin Public Television.

To whet our appetites while we wait, our friends at Masterpiece and PBS have served up an exclusive first look at a scene from the show’s first episode. Enjoy!

Watch Sherlock Season 2: A Scene from Episode 1 on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.