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WPT Exclusive First Look: Wisconsin Water From the Air

Are you ready to come soar with us again?
Watch an exclusive first look at the all-new Wisconsin Water From the Air.
Coming to Wisconsin Public Television at the end of November 2018.

The all-new Wisconsin Water From the Air takes viewers above, atop and along state waterways that inspire reflection, wonder and adventure. From the routes that the Wisconsin, Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers carve through the state’s landscape to the wide-stretching shores of Lake Michigan, celebrate the waterways that shape Wisconsin.

As we anxiously await this exciting new show, we want you to be the first to take a look inside the program with an exclusive clip from the show’s first segment that explores the wonders of the Wisconsin River.

Looking toward the premiere in November, we will be sharing other new segments from the program each month here on the WPT Blog, along with information on a series of premiere screenings at venues across Wisconsin for you to take in the beautiful imagery and stunning musical score on the big screen before the television broadcast.

Enjoy this clip from the show’s first segment and share this video with your friends!

Your Place to Wander and Explore

We’ve been holding out on you. Several PBS stations aired Nature “Ireland’s Wild River” last Wednesday, but we’ve been holding on to it for a Wednesday, March 5 broadcast as part of our membership drive. Why? Because education and discovery are at the core of this particular episode of Nature. It aligns with our mission, presents the quality video you’ve come to expect from Wisconsin Public Television and it embodies the reason why so many of you support public television.

Nature's Colin Stafford Johnson on the River Shannon
Wildlife Cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson

In Ireland’s Wild River, cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson sets out on an epic journey to explore the the Shannon, Ireland’s longest river.

“I’m gonna have no fixed agenda. Just want to wander – wander and explore,” he says as he paddles in search of the fish, birds and insects that make a home in and near the peaceful body of water.

His journey may be in Ireland, yet it resembles a calm trip down the Wisconsin River valley or a paddle around one of our many Northwoods lakes. It’s an adventure we can relate to, but might not have the opportunity to take without the aid of a storyteller like Stafford-Johnson.

You can watch the full episode online now (we haven’t been holding out altogether, after all).

While you watch online or on-air this Wednesday, please take a moment to think of the adventures you’ve had recently and how Wisconsin Public Television has played a role in your life by inspiring you to explore more. Make your donation to Wisconsin Public Television during this important membership drive so that everyone in Wisconsin can continue to wander and explore.