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Streaming Favorites for May

The Good Stuff

I’m not even sure I can pinpoint what this series is about, but I love it. It might be safe to say that it’s actually about everything. The hosts, Craig & Matt, explore a crazy diversity of topics, covering everything from wine tasting to warp drives. They’re funny, fun and generally seem like they would make nice neighbors. Dive in and learn something!

Re:Dream | Pursuits of Happiness

According to their site, this narrative project “is about people living in America as they navigate opportunity, meet obstacles, and pursue happiness in the 21st century.”

The is a huge collaboration between KCPT, Detroit Public TV, PBS SoCal, GPB, WETA and Thinkshift, and it amazes me completely. It’s digital and social. It’s beautifully shot and edited. It tells real, intimate stories. It shows how truly diverse our country is. Just go watch it. Now. Continue reading Streaming Favorites for May

Streaming Favorites for March

A lot of my favorite national dramas from PBS recently wrapped up, including Downton Abbey (let’s all share a moment of silence), and Mercy Street. In my search for great streaming content, I decided to bring it back home and focus on some of our locally-produced shows. So much of the quality content we broadcast at WPT is also available to watch online, so if you missed an episode – or if you’re a spoiled viewer like me, and only watch shows on-demand – check out some of our great, locally produced shows online.

Wisconsin Foodie
Kyle Cherek goes all over the state in a quest to discover the hidden gems of Wisconsin’s culinary scene. From cheese makers to beer distillers, Cherek shows us why it’s great to be a foodie in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Life
When you feel like you’re in a rut, Wisconsin Life can show you a new perspective and share some of the incredible, adventurous things going on across the state. This show highlights how diverse, creative and fun Wisconsinites truly are!

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Streaming Favorites for January


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.21.04 PMWe’ve officially made it to a new year, and with it comes fantastic new content on WPT’s video portal. Discover new streaming favorites with us, whether you’re a fan of cooking or the cosmos. Some of my favorite finds this month are:

These quick videos are musical, inspiring and focused on farm-to-table recipes. Host Patricia Wong shares delicious meals with fresh ingredients that will get you trying something new in less than five minutes.

Pulling its name from a cinema term that means “point of view,” POV is television’s longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction films. It’s hard not to get drawn into these provocative, compelling documentaries. Check out Girl Model or StoryCorps Shorts: The Saint of Dry Creek for a personal window into contemporary social issues.

Don’t let this tongue twister of a name turn you off: these short, beautiful and interesting videos share so much interesting info in just a few minutes. If you are trying to figure out the difference between fair trade and direct trade, or if you’d like to learn more about how American farms get their water, dive into this video series aimed at educating about sustainability.

What is weird metallic hydrogen? How does Saturn have a solid core? Would a gas giant planet really float in a giant bathtub? Find out by watching these quick, beautifully animated and SUPER interesting videos about our universe.