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Watch New Episodes of Wisconsin Foodie Online Now!

The new season of the Emmy® Award-winning program Wisconsin Foodie premieres 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 13 on Wisconsin Public Television, but you don’t have to wait till then to watch the newest episodes; you can stream the new season online, anytime
on wpt.org

From Kickapoo Coffee Roasters and Central Waters Brewing Co. to Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese and Norske Nook, the new season of Wisconsin Foodie follows host Kyle Cherek on new culinary adventures as he meets the people behind local delicacies.

Watch the premiere episode, “B&E’s Trees/Wisco Pop/Kickapoo” below! (And watch all episodes here.)

Each episode of Wisconsin Foodie dives into Wisconsin’s unique culinary world by profiling local food treasures and highlighting the passionate and hardworking individuals responsible for the burgeoning “Good Food Movement.” Wisconsin Foodie blends food, cooking and travel while showcasing local businesses, restaurants, purveyors and farmers – telling their stories and helping to promote a local, sustainable economy.

Streaming Favorites for March

A lot of my favorite national dramas from PBS recently wrapped up, including Downton Abbey (let’s all share a moment of silence), and Mercy Street. In my search for great streaming content, I decided to bring it back home and focus on some of our locally-produced shows. So much of the quality content we broadcast at WPT is also available to watch online, so if you missed an episode – or if you’re a spoiled viewer like me, and only watch shows on-demand – check out some of our great, locally produced shows online.

Wisconsin Foodie
Kyle Cherek goes all over the state in a quest to discover the hidden gems of Wisconsin’s culinary scene. From cheese makers to beer distillers, Cherek shows us why it’s great to be a foodie in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Life
When you feel like you’re in a rut, Wisconsin Life can show you a new perspective and share some of the incredible, adventurous things going on across the state. This show highlights how diverse, creative and fun Wisconsinites truly are!

Continue reading Streaming Favorites for March

6 Videos to Watch Online Now

According to my calendar, summer is officially here. Long days and nice weather might mean more time outdoors, but summer also means more free time to catch up on the TV you missed during the hectic winter months.

Here are some of most popular WPT videos you may have missed this past TV season. Watch ’em all for free anytime at wpt.org or on your Roku, Apple TV or tablet app.

Image of Wisconsin From the Air Title with setting sun over a Lake Mendoa
Watch “Wisconsin From the Air” now

Wisconsin From the Air
This aerial tour of Wisconsin landmarks and landscapes was the most popular WPT production of the season…by a long shot! With sweeping views of the Great Lakes, northern forests and the Mississippi River, and stunning shots of cities like Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin From the Air is one of the most breathtaking programs we’ve ever produced. Since it premiered in December, 2014, thousands of viewers have pledged their support for Wisconsin From the Air…Thank You! If you haven’t already, watch Wisconsin From the Air now. And, check out this behind the scenes video to see how the film was made.

University Place “The Value of Having Native Plants in Our Yards”
Most of us know it’s important to help native species thrive and to weed out the invasive ones. But why? For one, this informative lecture explains that native plants in your garden can offer an important food source for animals. Since Wisconsin’s deer seem to eat everything we plant, why not give them their preferred diet! On a side note… if you want to help out the smaller critters, check out the illustration “Plant These to Help Save Bees,” which identifies several bee-friendly plants and flowers. Follow that up with a quick visit to the Wisconsin DNR’s website to find out which ones are native to Wisconsin.

Oshkosh on Wisconsin Hometown Stories and Around the Corner
The little city on the west side of Lake Winnebago got some major attention on WPT this past year in Wisconsin Hometown Stories “Oshkosh,” which offers a look at the community’s rich history — a must-watch for anyone from the Oshkosh area. For a closer look at contemporary Oshkosh, be sure to watch Around the Corner With John McGivern’s visit to Oshkosh. If your summer travel plans include Oshkosh, this episode will serve as the ultimate visitor’s guide to the city’s liveliest restaurants and attractions.

Bronson Koenig pulls up for a shot during practice
Watch Bronson Koenig on “Wisconsin Life”

Wisconsin Life “Bronson Koenig”
Remember the Badgers Men’s Basketball team’s magical run to the Final Four?! La Crosse’s Bronson Koenig played a key role in the Badgers’ success last season. But, long before Koenig became a household name in Wisconsin, WPT’s Wisconsin Life caught up with him to see why he chose Wisconsin over several other top-tier schools. Watch the story now.

30 Minute Music Hour “Charlie Parr”
I’m stretching all the way back to last June with this one, but Charlie Parr’s performance on the 30 Minute Music Hour was our most viewed episode from the show’s sixth season. Watch Charlie Parr perform his unique style of country blues now on WPT, and check him out on tour this summer.

Wisconsin Foodie “Cheese Days”
Food is a perennially popular genre on Wisconsin Public Television and among all the episodes of Around the Farm Table and Wisconsin Foodie that aired this past season, this episode all about the annual Cheese Days celebration in Monroe was among the most viewed online…for obvious reasons!

Enjoy these and more videos streaming now at wpt.org. Have a favorite episode that’s not on the list? Let us and everyone else know by sharing it in the comments.

Food Worth Traveling For

Wisconsin Foodie is back for a fifth season on Wisconsin Public Television, and I’m excited because that means it’s time to start planning new culinary adventures.

As the title indicates, “Foodie” is a show about food, but the program also fits nicely into the travel genre. Each episode, host Kyle Cherek visits restaurants, bars, creameries, farms — you name it — that are among the most talked about in their communities. All are certainly worth a visit, whether that means driving across town or across the state.

Wisconsin Foodie logo
Watch online and Thursday nights at 7:30

I’ve been to a handful of venues based on Foodie’s recommendation and was delighted when I saw that I’ve already been to one exceptional pizzeria featured on the new season. Last summer, I stopped at Salvatore’s Tomato Pies in Sun Prairie to break up a long drive to the Twin Cities from Lake Geneva. My dining experience was great and it’s been enhanced now that Wisconsin Foodie has revealed the chef and the story behind a pizza you can’t get anywhere else in Wisconsin.

Check out Salvatore’s and more culinary delights on Wisconsin Foodie Thursdays at 7:30, following another great travel show Around the Corner With John McGivern. Both are available to watch online, anytime. Oh, and if you visit Salvatore’s don’t be afraid to keep it simple…the crust, sauce and whole-milk mozz are perfect as is. Happy (culinary) travels.

Want more? Watch the first three episodes of Wisconsin Foodie’s new season, plus all past episodes online now.

The Most Watched Shows of 2014

The year’s end always brings on an abundance of “top 10” and “best of” lists. With thousands of videos streamed this year, we thought it’d be fun take a nostalgic look at some of the most popular videos on wpt.org this year.

By the numbers, here are some of the videos you watched most in 2014.

Without a doubt, Sewing With Nancy was the most streamed show, due, in part, to a loyal audience that extends far beyond Wisconsin. Among the hundreds of videos, “Sew Simple With Rectangles and Squares, Part 1” was the favorite in 2014.

30-Minute Music Hour ranked among the favorites this year thanks to Charlie Parr. The Duluth singer/songwriter performed his mix of steel guitar country and bluegrass for a live audience in Madison last summer.

Several films in the WPT Documentaries series made the list of favorites this year. “Jerry Apps: A Farm Story” and “A Farm Winter With Jerry Apps” continued to log views, as did “Being Hmong Means Being Free” as well as “Menominee History,” which is part of WPT’s new collection of Tribal Histories.

From state legislative races to the race for governor, Here and Now and WisconsinVote.org kept viewers informed throughout the election season with weekly reports and statewide candidate statements. And, fracking continued to make headlines in Wisconsin. Frederica Freyberg’s 2012 report on the booming sand mining industry in Western Wisconsin remained among the most viewed in 2014.

At the start of the year, WPT introduced the new TV series Wisconsin Life in partnership with Wisconsin Public Radio. The series showcases Wisconsin’s most interesting people and places. Some of the favorite stories were “State in Law,” “Milwaukee Gymnast,” and “Barn Quilts.”

And in December, WPT premiered another new film that invited viewers to soar over Wisconsin’s treasured landscapes. Wisconsin From the Air delighted viewers during the recent winter membership drive. The response from WPT viewers was overwhelming and resulted in a most successful membership drive. Thank you to all for your gifts of support!

University Place continued to spread education across the state and beyond by adding over 100 new videos to its collection this year. The most popular video in 2014 featured “Miracle on the Hudson” co-pilot Jeff Skiles sharing his story of the successful landing of a U.S. Airways flight on the Hudson River.

We said farewell to The Wisconsin Gardener’s Shelley Ryan this year and remembered her legacy as viewers gained knowledge – from identifying wild parsnip, to fighting tree and shrub disease and attracting hummingbirds — for growing in Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin Foodie, eager viewers dined with host Kyle Cherek at Ishnala in Wisconsin Dells. A new season of “Foodie” adventures premieres Jan. 8 on WPT, with new episodes already available to watch online. Also in the food and travel category, Around the Farm Table gained popularity in its second season this year as host Inga Witscher made egg soufflé with guest Michael Perry.

If you missed any of the above videos, don’t worry…all these and more are available to watch for free at video.wpt.org. Ring in the New Year by watching some of your favorites. And, if you don’t see your favorite video on the list, tell us what it is in the comments.

Thanks for watching, and happy New Year!

Ishnala Serves up the Ultimate Supper Club Feast

Image of Ishnala Supper Club in Wisconsin Dells
Ishnala in Wisconsin Dells

Tonight on Wisconsin Public Television, sit down with Ron Faiola for the ultimate supper club feast at Ishnala Supper Club and see why Wisconsin Foodie calls him the Ken Burns of supper clubs.

When it comes to supper clubs, Wisconsin is saturated like the parchment at the bottom of a cheese curd tray.

If you’re like me, you have a few favorite supper clubs, one for every corner of the state. And if you’re Ron Faiola, you have 50 favorite supper clubs — at least that’s how many he visited for his book Wisconsin Supper Clubs.

Your after dinner drink comes courtesy of Wollersheim Winery, which recently ventured into the art of distilling brandy. Cheers!

Cheese for Breakfast

The weekend is nearly here, which means you might be thinking about brunch. Thoughts of greasy spoons and farm-to-table restaurants, omelets and pancakes might be running through your brain.

You also might be anticipating tonight’s new episode of Wisconsin Foodie. Either way, we have plenty to satisfy you. Just last Friday, host Kyle Cherek woke up early to dish on his favorite breakfast spots on The Joy Cardin Show. Listen to the interview now and hear his thoughts on keeping breakfast honest and simple, and where to find the best kielbasa and pancakes or monkey bread in Wisconsin.

Throughout the state there’s no shortage of places to eat breakfast. And, what gets classified as brunch can vary. If you’ve ever spent a Saturday morning at the Dane County Farmers Market, chances are you’ve had “brunch” underneath the golden vendor tent at Hook’s Cheese. Hook’s is know for curds and their aged cheddars (1, 5, 10, 15…even 20-year!) and happens to be featured on tonight’s new Wisconsin Foodie episode.

Join Kyle Cherek and get a little insight on aging cheddars and making blues and curds as Tony Hook takes him on a tour of this Wisconsin cheesemaking treasure. Watch on-air tonight, or online any time you’re hungry for a taste of Wisconsin.


Time to Go Outdoors

Outdoor Wisconsin LogoFolks who tune in Thursday night for Wisconsin Foodie shouldn’t be too disappointed to find a different show that’s all about Wisconsin occupying the 7:30 time slot.

True, we’ve closed the book on another successful Foodie season, but we’re thrilled to present new episodes of Outdoor Wisconsin in its place. (And, you can still watch Wisconsin Foodie online and on-air on the weekends).

Devoted to the outdoor enthusiast, Outdoor Wisconsin is a half hour weekly magazine series that travels Wisconsin covering a variety of outdoor activities and related projects.

If you tune in this week, you’ll cover a lot of ground in just 30 minutes. First, you can join Dan Small as he fishes for coho salmon on Lake Michigan out of the Racine Harbor. Then it’s up to Lake Tomahawk in Oneida County to participate in a game of snowshoe baseball. (Here’s a primer on the obscure sport). Then it’s off to the eastern part of the state to explore the caves at Ledge View Nature Center (technically indoors, I know, but trust me, it fits the show’s theme).

The subject matter might be a lot different than Wisconsin Foodie, but you’ll be just as hungry after enduring the marathon pace of Outdoor Wisconsin.

Watch Outdoor Wisconsin 7:30 p.m. Thursdays or anytime online.

Dane County Farmers Market

Watch Wisconsin Foodie: Dane County Farmers Market at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 10 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Unfortunately I have never attended the Dane County Farmers Market.  It’s actually quite sad considering I live only a few miles away from the Capitol.  My excuse? My friends that frequent the market like to go bright and early, and Saturday is my day to sleep in.  I hope to finally make it out there a few times this year when it returns to the Square in spring, so I was happy to see Wisconsin Foodie doing a piece on it.  After all, it is reported to be the largest producer-only farmers market in the country.  With around 150 vendors in attendance every Saturday, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

I’ve added a brief clip made by some of the students at UW-Madison to give you a taste of what it’s like to be at the Dane County Farmers Market…  Hope to see you there.