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Happy Birthday, Daniel Tiger! Watch his 1954 TV debut

Happy birthday, Daniel Tiger! Watch our favorite little tiger puppet make his April 5, 1954 TV debut on WQED’s  “The Children’s Corner” in the video below.

According to The Fred Rogers’ Company, “Originally, a bird was supposed to come out of the clock that was drawn on the set wall. The night before, WQED Pittsburgh Station Manager Dorothy Daniel presented Fred Rogers with a tiger puppet as a gift at the program’s launch party. He decided to use the tiger puppet instead of the bird and named the puppet Daniel, after the person who gave him the gift.”

Since then, Daniel’s been helping educate, entertain and comfort generations of children on Wisconsin Public Television and PBS through Mister Rogers Neighborhood and now Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Ugga Mugga, Daniel. We love you!

Of course, Daniel Tiger and Mister Rogers are just part of the strong educational legacy of Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio. Join us all this year as we celebrate landmarks like this from our first 100 years. Explore our history and share your story of how public broadcasting has impacted your life online now at wpt.org/100.

Happy Birthday, Daniel Tiger!

Happy Birthday, Daniel Tiger!
On April 5th, 1954, Daniel Tiger appeared for the first time on the first episode of “The Children’s Corner.” Originally, a bird was supposed to come out of the clock that was drawn on the set wall. The night before, WQED Pittsburgh Station Manager Dorothy Daniel presented Fred Rogers with a tiger puppet as a gift at the program’s launch party. He decided to use the tiger puppet instead of the bird and named the puppet Daniel, after the person who gave him the gift.

Posted by The Fred Rogers Company on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Celebrating Bob Dylan

A young Bob Dylan on the street with a tireTo some, the choice of Bob Dylan as the 2016 Nobel laureate in Literature might be surprising. To others, who have followed the path of his lyrics since before he went electric, it’s an honor many years in the making.

Public broadcasters have often captured Dylan’s long career in film and discussion. Here are some WPT-approved options for reacquainting yourself with the wide scope of Dylan’s life and legacy.

Got any stories about Bob Dylan and how his words have made an impact on your life? We bet you do. Please share them in the comments!

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Meet the MacArthur Winners – on WPT and WPR

As we learned the names of the new MacArthur Fellows yesterday – winners of the so-called “genius grants” – we celebrate members of the class of 2016 with Wisconsin roots and those whose work has appeared on WPT.

Some names (like last year’s winner Lin-Manuel Miranda) may seem more familiar than others, but all offer fascinating things to think about – which makes them perfect for WPT and WPR. It’s no surprise, then, that you may have seen or heard them on the air.

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The One Place That Can Take You Anyplace – Including the Top of the Great Pyramid

Wisconsin Public Television is the one place that can take you anyplace – like this brilliant 360-degree immersive view from the top of Khufu’s Pyramid, or the Great Pyramid of Giza from our friends at NOVA. Spend some time exploring one of the world’s rarest vistas.  (Click through on the image if it isn’t interactive in this window.)

And don’t miss NOVA Wednesday nights at 8 on WPT. Or watch full programs online anytime.

Extended Report on “Too Many Candles: Milwaukee Gun Violence”

After the premiere of our most recent documentary, Too Many Candles: Milwaukee Gun Violenceour partners at Wisconsin Public Radio and the University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension decided to explore some of the issues addressed in the film, continuing the ongoing discussion surrounding gun violence in Milwaukee and in the nation. Below, follow the research and reporting done by Scott Gordon:

WATCH NOW: “Too Many Candles: Milwaukee Gun Violence”

Gordon’s three-part series on Milwaukee gun violence begins with some historical context. For a more nuanced view of the socio-economic segregation and the challenges faced by low-income families in Milwaukee, read How Milwaukee’s Economic, Social Disparities Correspond With Gun Violence

“Although crime, poverty and other social factors often overlap, mapping these factors in Milwaukee shows dramatic divisions that align with the city’s racial segregation.”

In this article, Gordon explores the focus on infamous zip-code 53206 – a series of numbers that, according to Gordon, “has become social-science and media shorthand for the violence, hunger, lack of opportunity and sense of hopelessness plaguing Milwaukee’s poorest residents.” Continue reading Extended Report on “Too Many Candles: Milwaukee Gun Violence”

Celebrating National Radio Day With the Nation’s Oldest Station

Today is National Radio Day, and we can think of nothing better to celebrate than our partners at Wisconsin Public Radio! Did you know that they can stake a very real claim to being the oldest station in the nation, broadcasting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus since 1917 and forging a nearly 100-year statewide tradition of educational public service broadcasting – that includes Wisconsin Public Television – here in Wisconsin!

News About Public Broadcasting and the State Budget​

We are writing to provide you with an update on the state budget process related to funding for the Educational Communications Board. Thank you for engaging with legislators on behalf of this essential service. Your voice was heard. During our visits at the Capitol the refrain was often heard that “we heard from your supporters.”

Earlier this week, the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance voted to restore approximately $1.6-million to the ECB budget. This funding will maintain the necessary support for ECB’s technical operations which support WPR and WPT distribution and emergency alert service throughout Wisconsin.

At the same time, the Committee also voted to sustain a cut of about $1.1 million which will directly impact Wisconsin Media Lab, ECB’s K-12 service. This will result in a real and significant decline in our educational services to schools, teachers and students across the state.

It is too soon to know what will be in the final budget as the proposal next moves to the full Legislature for consideration and then to the Governor for his signature. But we are in a better place today because of your efforts. Your voice was heard, and it made a difference.

We are also monitoring the University of Wisconsin budget process since WPR and WPT will be impacted by budget reductions to the UW.

Your voice was heard and it has made a real difference and that difference was demonstrated in a very real way by the vote of the Joint Committee on Finance.

We are now focused on the work ahead of us, both in the remainder of the budget process and then in implementing the budget cuts. Thank you.

Dean Dietrich
President, WPRA

Linda Prehn
President, Friends of WPT

Gene Purcell
Executive Director, ECB

Malcolm Brett
Director, Broadcasting and Media Innovations, UW-Extension

Budget Update: We need YOUR help!

We need YOUR help!

We need YOUR VOICE right now in support of public funding for public media. The current budget proposal includes a 34% reduction in state funding for the Educational Communications Board (ECB), the technical backbone of Wisconsin Public Television (WPT), Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), and the state’s ENTIRE emergency alert/AMBER alert systems (the system that triggers tornado alerts for all media statewide). Without emergency alert funding, your emergency communications system will be at risk.

ECB is also the home of the Wisconsin Media Lab, which creates, curates and disseminates K-12 classroom resources and educational materials statewide to more than 800,000 school kids each year, an irreplaceable service critical to classroom success. The state budget as proposed would undermine this service which is now available free of charge for public, private, charter and home school instruction year round.

Public Media Belongs to YOU! Use your voice!

Please call your legislators TODAY and tell them you value the services that can only be provided by Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) and Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), and ask them to restore State GPR (general purpose revenue) funding to ECB to protect and preserve these critical and valuable services.

Need help finding contact info for legislators? Visit legis.wisconsin.gov

If the budget cuts stand as proposed WPT and WPR will be forced to reduce staff, who assure the reliability of the network and the vital, educational engaging content you’ve come to rely on. Public media belongs to you – if you value the services only public media can provide, call or visit your legislators now, and ask them to restore State GPR funding of ECB and public media.

Public media was invented in Wisconsin nearly 100 years ago. We need your voice, and your support, to ensure we’ll be here 100 years from now, continuing to make Wisconsin a special place to live, work and play.

Linda Prehn
President, Friends of Wisconsin Public Television

Dean Dietrich
President, Wisconsin Public Radio Association

Before You Head to the Polls…

Photo of James Steinbach, Director of Wisconsin Public Television
James Steinbach, Director of Wisconsin Public Television

When my daughters were in grade school, I took them with me to vote. Even young kids know the importance of voting, for their favorite singer or movie or where to go for a family dinner. It’s too bad that some of us forget when we get older.

I’m always a bit surprised at how elections unfold, at least those for statewide and national office. It seems like things get started earlier and earlier, stretched out longer and longer, and it’s just hard to stay focused for all those months. Then, all of a sudden — it’s time to vote! Across Wisconsin, people are thinking “Hey, what do I really know about these candidates? What’s my legislative district, anyhow? And how come voter turnout is so much lower in non-presidential elections?”

So, it’s no surprise that Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio’s shared election website, WisconsinVote.org, has a little bit of traffic year round, a little bit more as campaigning starts, and then, WHAM! A few days before the election, there are hundreds of thousands of visits.

Election coverage and analysis is one of the most important things we do. In my view, there’s no better source than WPT and WPR. Viewers and listeners absolutely know for sure that we’re working with one purpose: to give you the information you need to make an informed decision. As Gwen Ifill says, “We answer to nobody but you”.

So, we have in-depth interviews on Here and Now and stories on the important issues from around the state. We give every qualified national and statewide candidate an opportunity to record a five-minute statement that we broadcast and share online.

WisconsinVote.org | Election News and ResourcesOur colleagues at WPR talk with virtually every candidate for legislative, judicial and executive offices on their talk shows. All that work, along with voting information, election resources and full news coverage is available at WisconsinVote.org.

And, we host debates, we listen to you for issues important to local communities, we truth check political ads and find the truth within complex messaging, and we go beyond election headlines to bring you substance and information you can actually use.

Our goal in all of this is to serve you, to provide perspective you perhaps hadn’t considered, to share the voices of other residents who may not otherwise be heard, to give you insights into issues you previously didn’t have, all in an effort to help create an informed electorate, and to cut down on the noise and clutter. So, how are we doing? We’d love to hear from you on this or any issue.

Oh, and my daughters? They’re both grown and out in the world, registered voters and part of our great democracy. Neither one of them has ever run for political office, but as their dad, I’m ok with that.

Remember to vote on Nov. 4, and take your kids.

All the Best of "Wisconsin Life"

Wisconsin Life logoLast winter, Wisconsin Public Television joined Wisconsin Public Radio in its effort to capture the character of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Life, now on the radio, television and online, showcases the creative passion of some of our state’s most interesting people.

Each story presents a unique slice of “Wisconsin Life” from a vast range of interests, including art, music, science, sports and the environment.

Since the show launched, WPT has produced 80 stories. Here are just a few of the most memorable and talked about stories that illustrate the best of Wisconsin Life.

Stay connected to Wisconsin Life on Facebook where new stories are posted regularly. You never know who you’ll meet!