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Climate Wisconsin

Climatewisconsin.org is your one-stop shop for information on climate change in Wisconsin.  The site features several stories from around the state as well as a few interactive tools like the one pictured above. They are very helpful if you would like to see years of data and projections compiled into an attractive layout that is easy to understand.  The stories themselves provide a variety of different ways to look at how climate change will affect Wisconsin and the people who live here.  I think you’ll find it interesting to see how our hobbies, health and the economy can all be affected by the rising temperatures we have seen over the years.  Visit Climate Wisconsin and explore some of these amazing stories presented through videos and slideshows.

WPT Behind the Scenes – PBS NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown

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During his recent Wisconsin visit, PBS NewsHour senior correspondent Jeffrey Brown offered insight into recent changes at the nightly news program, his outlook on journalism’s future and his devotion to arts coverage online and on-air. Watch the exclusive WPT interview below.